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08/27/14 11:27 AM #6    

Roblee Fulton Irvine

Yes!! We will be there,

Roblee and Al Irvine (Fulton)

08/27/14 11:36 AM #7    


Tim Pezold

Tim & Terah Pezold will be there!

08/27/14 02:17 PM #8    

Terry Hanson

Terry Hanson - I will attend.

08/27/14 06:24 PM #9    

Sandy Ledgerwood

I wouldn't miss it.

08/28/14 01:20 PM #10    

Terry Rodgers

Will do our best to attend.

08/28/14 07:16 PM #11    

Velma Cragle St. John

Planning on being there!


08/29/14 05:34 AM #12    

Scott Keyes

I plan on attending

08/29/14 10:53 AM #13    

David Rupert

I will do my best to be there!

08/29/14 04:29 PM #14    

Marc Beauchamp


C U if "alive and well."  Great work, all!

Marc Beauchamp

09/02/14 10:29 AM #15    

Robin Ziegler Tripp

All:  God willing, I'll be there...

Robin Ziegler

09/03/14 07:31 PM #16    


Richard Gray

It's on my calendar - though that's not a guarantee... :-)

09/26/14 11:14 AM #17    

Jared Gibbs

I am putting it on my calendar.

09/26/14 01:42 PM #18    

Kit Harvey

winkSounds great! I look forward to seeing everyone.

Make it a great year.   


01/07/15 01:58 PM #19    

Frank Sacco

Dave I'll be there. Just talked with Steve Gunner. He says HELLO to all. Frank

01/07/15 03:37 PM #20    

Gary Hines

Im still in Redding , Still the same Job. And still enjoy the taste of a cold Beer .. So see all of you there.. Especially you  Pam Sullivan, (Jensen) And you too Randy ..

Gary Hines

01/08/15 03:52 PM #21    

Sam Davis

On my calender!!  Look forward to see everyone!!  Sam

01/09/15 08:13 AM #22    


Penny Laco Klingler

It's on my calendar! I know we send the checks to Roblee Irvine, but who are we to make the check out to?

01/11/15 11:59 AM #23    

Frank Sacco

                                REGARDING PAYMENT INFO FOR THE REUNION.

Send checks to Roblee Irvine,

1780 Barbara Rd.,

Redding, CA 96003.

Make checks payable to Shasta High School Class of 1970

01/11/15 09:22 PM #24    

David Hovis

Tammy and I are in! You guys throw the best parties, need help just call. I'm still in the book or whatever they use now. Dave Hovis

02/11/15 07:02 PM #25    

Susanne Rockwell

I'll be there! Susie Rockwell

02/12/15 10:40 AM #26    

Roblee Fulton Irvine


Hi everyone,  TERRY HANSON IS ALIVE AND WELL!!! It was a different Terry who died recently.



02/15/15 12:09 PM #27    

Terry Hanson

I am not sure how this began but I am still alive and kicking quite strong. I will see you all at the reunion.

Terry Hanson


02/15/15 03:19 PM #28    


Mary Mallory Rogers

Mary Mallory Rogers intends to be there with my new (2012) husband, Dr. Ron Rogers.

December 2014, Baja CA

02/16/15 04:02 PM #29    

Elaine Kolstad Traverso

I will be there with my hubby

02/20/15 08:24 AM #30    

Christine Kurth Hamilton

Hi All,

Making plans to come to Redding for our 45th.  As they say God willing and the creeks don't rise! wink

Christy Kurth changed to Galbraith, married my senior year and left school after my early graduation in January 1970  (now Hamilton)


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