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Larry Becich

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28/04/10 10:08 PM #1    

Mike Dye, you're dead. This was a real shock to me. I like to watch the In Memorium portion of the Academy Awards, to see who died that year that I hadn't heard about, but hitting the tab on this website really shook me. You and I grew up together (sort of), got into trouble and out (well, maybe not entirely out), then grew apart. The last time I saw you, except possibly on the Post Office wall (I could be mistaken about that) was over a pool table at Country Bowl. You told me you were married and I asked you who you got married to. You answered, as only you could, "My wife." End of discussion. End of communication. Didn't see you after that.

Not sure how you would remember our times together (looking back there were so many somewhat negative, incarceration-type, "can't remember what really happened"" things associated with so many of those times), but I truly cherish some of them. I am really sorry I won't be able to press you for your wife's name, and that we no longer have the opportunity to grow old at the same rate. At least you can't argue with me anymore about the fact that my El Camino was prettier and faster than yours. Bye bye BeDick.


Slokey Pearl

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