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Clarence Lowe

Clarence was born July 21st 1951.    He went to see the Lord, May 30th, 2008.   You will be missed my friend!

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14/03/10 10:53 AM #1    

Richard Grogan

There is a legend about Clarence's incredible home run way back in Little League. He played for the Coca Cola Redlegs and I was in the same league on the Angels but missed seeing the home run. It must have been against the McColl's Giants because John Solie missed it too and he played for the Colts and there were only four teams in that league. It went to the right field side, he batted left handed, and depending on who told you about it this shot either hit the McColl's Building, landed on the roof or went over the building and lots of people remember hearing about it. A week or two later we played them and I was in right field leaning against the fence figuring there was no way to keep the ball in the park with him up to bat. I didn't know Clarence back then, I got to know him later in high school and I wish I would have asked him in person about that blast. Maybe someone else remembers hearing about it or seeing it.

Richard Grogan

24/03/10 07:55 PM #2    

Bob Braz

After not seeing Clarence for many many years he started coming into the bait shop. He would come by about once every month or so to buy bait to go fishing. He kept it simple. He would mostly bank fish with minnows, and truely loved fishing. I know he worked at WinCo for quite a while. It was great to reconnect with him. We had great conversations, and seemed to see eye to eye on most issues. He was mello and always a joy to see.
After seeing his obituary his son (a great kid) came by. He said Clarence had some heart issues and sometimes didn't keep up on his meds. I assume he had a heart attack. I miss him stopping by and his smile.

28/04/10 05:56 PM #3    

Isaac Ortiz

I miss you too, Clarence.


Isaac Ortiz

02/05/10 10:28 PM #4    

Larry Heck

Dick, in responce to your story about the home run Clarence hit. I was catching for the other team. I was on the Singleton Const. Tigers. I really don't remember if it went completely over the McColls building, but I know it was at least on top of it. It was amazing. He was only 10 or 11 at the time. Larry.

27/06/10 07:54 PM #5    

John Ashbaugh

I remember Clarence from our high school years - and specifically, a time when we were sophomores, in 1968, and it was probably April, and it was probably a day or two after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Clarence was angry, and something I did or said - I don't recall, except that it was probably very inadequate - made him even more angry. What I recall most was the fact that he literally ripped the purple vest that I was wearing that day for Pep Band almost off my scawny 15-year old body.

After that, we were cool - but the times had definitely changed. And we had changed too. I'm sad to learn that he is no longer with us.

28/09/14 06:03 AM #6    

John Dougherty

I too have fond memories of Clarence. We attented Sequoia at the same time and although I don't remember too much about those days, he did leave an impression on me. Physically he was impressive and athletic for sure. Most big guys like myself could barely walk without tripping. I think it had to do with our feet being full size and waiting for the rest of the body to catch up!

Clarence was a sensitive guy and confident enough not to care if he showed that side of his personallity. I don't remember being that close to him at that time, but it felt like I was. Most of us hung out at school with kids from our neighborhoods or sports friends. I don't remember Clarence being on any of the "B" teams like myself.

I remember it as being a time of insecurity and as such trying to reconcile a relationship with a black person. On the one hand, we liked a guy like Clarence because...well, he was Clarence. On the other hand we all inherited many of the prejudices of the generations before us. I'm pretty sure it was not very easy for Clarence or any of our other black classmates as well.

After high school I moved away to Idaho and Alaska and lost contact with most everyone. A break in time like that as I learned, can be irreplaceble. The continuity of relationships is never quite the same. A period of time just doesn't exist and so it was with me and Clarence.

I too would see and talk to him at Winco. We would plan to go fishing together real soon, but of course, we never got around to it. I'm glad to learn he went anyway. Sorry about that Clarence.


29/09/14 08:33 AM #7    

Darla Loyd (Mayberry)

I have such fond memories of Clarence.  He was such a fun, gentle guy.  I so remember how he would tease me when we were walking down the halls, and, even though it embarrassed me, he always made me smile.  I saw Clarence numerous times at Winco and still he was such a sweet guy.  A great loss for sure!

04/08/18 09:56 AM #8    

Arlee Duffy (Emmott)

I bet none of you knew that I was Clarence Lowe's first girlfriend.  Yep, I was one and he was two.

He was a great guy and helped this earth be a better place for all.  

Arlee Duffy Emmott

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