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Peggy Plumb

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08/03/24 12:29 PM #1    

Kim Cupples



I'm not going to deny this is a silly story but it's stuck with me my whole life and I see just today Peggy has passed on.  I've posted a comment on our webpage asking if anyone has known where Peggy has been and I've researched online as best I could for her whereabouts.  This has been off and on for many, many years and to no avail.  She never joined this site so that of course precluded a possibly easy way to have located her.  

The story is bittersweet but it's never left my mind, ever.  

I was sitting in the Nova Library freshman year reading in some obscure corner.  Out of the blue this cute girl appears and she approaches me.  I remember it so very vividly and how so unspeakably pretty she was.  She bent down down very close to me and said (and the quote is so indelibly imprinted in my head), "Hi, Kim, my name is Peggy Plumb."  That's it.  I was struck stupidly speechless.  The deer in the headlights saying was never truer at that moment.  I stared back, the silence grew, and she shyly walked away.  I never followed up, I'd see her of course in the halls, but that was it.   

I know, by any measure of life's twists and turns and its pleasures and vicissitudes, this should be nothing.  But it was and has been.  

it's a stretch of course, but I've always thought over the many intervening years how this could have been a life changer.  Who knows, but I've regretted it happening the way it did.  And it was no fault but mine, in retrospect a terrible one.








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